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                Welcome to 7/11Band .com !
    This website is for information about the
              7/11 band Lyric Writing Group.

                         OK all about us :

  We are a Christian Lyric Writing Band started in summer 2006.  Our names are Paige and Blake. Our co- assitant is Lexy. We write Christian songs for other bands. We tried forming our own band but it isn't working out. We will try and put the tunes up to our lyrics soon.

  Here are some of our songs we have written:

       Give It Up
        All star
           ?  (? is a song Paige is working on )

      We can also preform  This Land  on gutair.
Thank you and any questions or comments please post on the comments section or email us. 


  PS: please visit back often to our site there WILL be updates! please post comments . thank you. also if anyone wants to write songs for us or give us some ideas that would be great. thanx alot for your support!

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